What is Body Massage Therapy?

Massage is a treatment that uses different kinds of physical contact to relax, revive and heal the body. It is used to treat a wide range of emotional and physical health problems and is one of the most popular treatments on a spa menu.

What is massage therapy?

Massage is the stroking, kneading, warming, rolling & pressing of skin and muscles. There are lots of different kinds of massage, each with broadly different origins and aims – some focus on soothing muscle pain; others on increasing energy levels; some aim to improve a specific physical condition; others simply to help you relax.

Massage makes you feel good in lots of ways and can have a positive effect on your whole body – your bones, your muscles, your heart, your skin, your breathing, digestion, and your mental health.

What we offer in Spa and Body Massage

We are a chain of Body Parlor, Spas, Health Centers & Ayurvedic Massage Parlor in Delhi & NCR. You can check our massage services and  Book your massage Session.

At Spaking, we offer the best massage service, we are at  Delhi, Gurgaon, Aerocity, Mahipalpur, Kapasheda, Vasant Kunj, Manesar, Dharuhera & Bhiwadi.

Experience Luxury Spa relaxation and massage rejuvenation services at our Professional Spa Centers in Delhi and soak up in pure indulgence of the range of services on offer. If the thought of body scrubs, foot treatments, facials & massages make you want to crawl onto the nearest treatment table, it’s time you treat yourself to one of our spa packages!

Take a well deserved time out from the regular grind and indulge in a wide selection of spa services, facials & full-body massages from experienced practitioners and specialized spa therapists in Delhi! Combine Spa treatments, services and relax your mind, body, and soul as we turn our space into your relaxation lounge… a haven of healing and relaxation

Body Massage

We provide the best Body massage service near you in Delhi & Gurgaon. A body massage makes your soul and heart free from all kinds of stress and diseases. We also offering high-class accommodation with all relaxation setups such as shower room, bathtub, and jacuzzi. Our all rooms decorated with a world-class interior for total comfort and relaxation. We invite you to enjoy life more fully with your experiences from “SpaKing”. Whether it is comfort, stress reduction, or relaxation, you can look forward to receiving the best treatments from our highly-skilled therapists.

SpaKing massage offers you relaxing spa therapies with all its authenticity, high-class accommodation & comfortable. Whether it is the famous in Delhi, traditional therapies, reflexology, body treatments, body wraps, scrubs, unisex massage, full body massage, erotic massage, sexual massage, female to male massage, Thai massage & aroma Oil massage we have a complete package specially designed for your revitalizing needs.

Relaxation at its best,
Pure Ayurvedic & Herbal

  • Complete Body Oil Massage Treatment
  • Hot Oil Massage
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Deep Tissue Full Body Massage
  • Body Wrap Treatments
  • Parlour Salon and Spa Packages
  • Combining Massage & Spa Therapy
  • Body Scrub packages
  • Massage Strokes for Complete Body &
  • Ayurvedic Massage

You will look and feel better once you have experienced our professional massage therapists in action. Our massage sessions are focused on relieving those tensed muscles to offer deep and long-lasting relief. Our body massage therapists are skilled in different massage therapy that will help…

  • Increase your energy
  • Feel more revitalized
  • Reveal radiant, healthy skin

The more regular the sessions, the more you can feel the difference and impact it has on your overall health! Experience the best body massage in Delhi and take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle!

Benefit from a wide range of body scrubs and body wrap treatments that leaves you with a softy soft skin that radiates with health. Our body scrubs and wraps are carefully chosen to deeply cleanse and replenish your skin that helps lifts the veil of dryness and dullness and helps restore the lost hydrated satin-like silkiness to your skin.

Choose from the range of body scrub services in Delhi from SpaKing to bring out the lost glow and health to your skin. Body scrub services include;

  • Chocolate Scrub
  • Coffee Scrub
  • Lemon Grass Scrub
  • Sea Salt Scrub
  • Fruit Scrub
massage right technique


What preventative measures are you taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, sickness, or germs?

We have always followed our state board guidelines and recommendations for thorough cleaning, sanitization & disinfecting. However, we have now taken them a few steps further to incorporate more sanitary practices for when we open and close our business and between each client. During opening and closing, we are initiating further procedures to include our entryway doors, floors, our retail areas, and our reception/check out desk. We will have hand sanitizer available at all times for your use and ours. Between clients, we have added in more time to thoroughly clean and disinfect the facility before the next clients arrive. Our receptionist/spa attendant will also be cleaning and disinfecting the main traffic areas hourly.

Do I have to wear a mask/why do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, in order for us all to remain healthy and for Natural Balance to remain open, we are requiring that masks be worn to best protect ourselves and our great clients. Service providers and staff will also be wearing masks. We understand it can be uncomfortable but at this time we must abide by our city and state’s mandated procedures. If and when this changes, we will be sure to let you know when masks will no longer be required during your visits.

What are your plans to protect me and yourself since the service I am booking cannot be conducted 6 feet away?

We will be carefully screening all clients at the time of their appointment and will be asking everyone to allow us to read their temperature through the use of our contactless thermometer. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will unfortunately not be able to continue on with their visit. Massage therapy, bodywork & skincare will be conducted with both the service provider and the client wearing surgical masks & service providers will use sanitizable aprons. Although this helps minimize contamination significantly, to be safe, we will not be able to work on our clients’ faces until city and state regulations are relaxed or modified. We will also utilize protective eye goggles or face shields, as needed, during your treatments.

All other measures to protect you and us during your treatments will be through strict sanitization practices as described above. Before treatments, you will be asked to wait in a queue outside, weather permitting until the service provider is ready to escort you to your treatment room. After your treatment, you will be escorted to a seat that is safely distanced from other seats, while you wait to be checked out by our front desk staff. This will ensure that multiple numbers of people do not congregate in our front desk area.

We utilize a professional linen service that complies with hospital-grade laundering and cleaning guidelines to sanitize all our sheets.

Are your cleaning products safe?

Yes, our cleaning products are hospital-grade disinfectants. In addition to that, we utilize alcohol to clinically sanitize our containers, equipment, tools & surfaces before and after treatment.

Will you be supplying masks for customers?

Unfortunately, no, at this time we will not be able to supply our guests with masks or other additional supplies. However, if you should arrive without your own mask, we will be happy to provide you with one and add the cost of the provided mask at checkout.

What other measures or steps will you be making available for customers?

We want to do our best to make these challenging times less stressful and for your visits to be as enjoyable as possible. To that end, we are temporarily relaxing our cancelation rules that call for a cancelation fee, so that if you are truly sick or compromised, that you not feel compelled to keep your appointment. However, we do need 24 hours notice or as close to that as possible, so that we may have the opportunity to schedule someone else. (Clients who more than once, fail to consider giving us as much advance notice as possible, will be denied future access to appointments. )

We will happy to serve you.
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